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Mr.zhang cheng dragon wine industryCo., LTD., founded in2015Years,The company is located in panzhihua. Renhe longtan township,Is a focus of brewing liquor company,With employees20People,Cover an area of an area2000Square meters。The registered capital of ErBai is ten thousand yuan RMB,Investment ten thousand yuan to build underground wine cellar for spreading Tibetan wine,To ensure the taste and quality of wine。

The company insists on“, nice and fast,Scientific development;CRD,Implementation of the production;Sincere desire,For the customer; Actual implementation,Double benefit。”The management policy。Pursues“Management quality problem every day,Customer satisfaction and months,Creating excellent year by year,Continuous improvement”The quality policy。Pay attention to quality、The construction of standard management system,Vigorously promote the development and progress of the enterprise。

If dragon wine crypt are pure grain brewing wine,Pure taste,Is filled,Lingering finish products,Influenced by both consumer……

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Address:Mr.zhang renhe big new street, longtan township and village of sichuan province MaiChong group18No. No

Contacts:Liu Qigui

The phone:0812-2828008,13980344700,18081736008,15181276680

Zip code:617000    



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