Blue light is the leading mould in south China、Metal parts,Coating products and precision assembly enterprise,From the design、Manufacturing、Painting to the finished product assembly、All inspection shipmentODM、OEMService providers。Blu-ray was established2005Years,In the development process,Stick to it“Professional technology、Quality first、Team work spirit、Grow up together”The management idea,In order to“High、Fine、The tip”As the goal,For the guests to provide comprehensive professional services。
           Blu-ray has followed the industry of new technology。Through the integration of computer aided design and manufacturing system,We have experienced mold designers and engineers to transform complex product design into precision injection molding products。The application of concurrent engineering shortened the delivery cycle。We adopt automatic manipulator machining electrode and workpiece,To ensure a high level of accuracy and precision。Automation can make our mould workshop7Days24Hours of continuous operation。
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